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Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

Semi-automatic filling machines are ideal for small to medium scale production requirements.

Semi-automatic filling machines offer fast, accurate and flexible filling solutions. Good operators can achieve output speeds of up to 40 containers per minute and changeover from one product to another takes only a few minutes.

Most of Universal’s semi-automatic filling machines require only a compressed air supply. Semi-automatic filling machines are suitable for filling almost any liquid, from free flowing fragrances and alcohols, through to viscous syrups and adhesives and even liquids containing particles such as food products.

Single head volumetric filling machine (5ml - 1,300ml)

Posifill EF

Single head volumetric filling machine: 5ml - 1300ml

Two or Four Head Volumetric Filling Machine (5ml - 1,300ml)

Posifill V Twin/Four

Two or Four head volumetric filling machine: 5ml - 1300ml


Bench mounted vacuum level filling machine available with 1 or 2 filling heads

Posifill EF 2500

Single head volumetric filling machine: 250ml - 2500ml

One or Two Head Bleach & Acid Filling Machine (500ml - 25 Litres)

PB 5000

Single or Twin head volumetric filling machine (500ml - 25 Litres) glass & pvc option available for bleach & acids


Portable vacuum level filling machine available with 1 - 6 filling heads

Posifill DP

Single head depositor for filling viscous liquids and liquids containing particles

One or Two Head Volumetric Piston Filling Machine 250ml - 25 Litre

P 5000

Single or Twin head volumetric filling machine: 250ml - 25 Litres

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