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Automatic Cap Tightening Machine


Automatic Cap Tightening Machine

Posicap can automatically close or tighten a wide range of pre-threaded caps.

As part of a production line, this cap tightening unit is capable of operating at up to 30 bottles per minute, which would normally require at least two operators to place and tighten by hand.

Simple cap head height adjustment and quick change jaws facilitate quick product changeovers, reducing downtime to a minimum. The Posicap is an ideal addition to an inline filling system and can be used as part of a fully automatic filling and capping line.

The Posicap machine operates at a lower speed than the In-Line Belt Capper but can be supplied with different capping heads depending on the application:

  • Screw Capping
  • ROPP Capping
  • Crimping
  • Press-on and T-Corking

The Posicap can also be supplied with automatic cap feeding and placing systems as well as missing cap and reject systems if required.

Options Available:
Single or two head operation which can achieve output speeds of up to 30 bottles per minute.

  • ATEX certified version available for capping flammable substances.
  • Manual or automatic solutions for cap sorting, feeding and placing caps onto bottles.

Key Benefits

  • Cap sizes from 8mm – 100mm
  • Container sizes from 15mm – 200mm (up to 400mm tall)
  • Fully adjustable torque setting
  • Pneumatic gating system
  • Fibre optic container sensors


  • No expensive change parts due to in-line operation (no star-wheels or scrolls needed)
  • Provides consistent torque – prevents ‘leakers’
  • Single set of gripping jaws
  • Torque adjustment can be changed whilst running

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