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Universal Belt Capper Inline Automatic Capping Machine
Universal Belt Capper Inline Automatic Capping Machine

Universal Belt Capper

Automatic Capping Machine

The Universal Belt Capper stands out as perhaps the most versatile automatic capping machine on the market. It can handle a wide range of screwcaps and bottle sizes from 10ml up to 5-litre jerry cans without requiring any additional parts.

Transitioning between setups with the Universal Belt Capper is effortless with tool-free changeovers, ensuring quick and seamless adjustments. Standard numerical indicators further streamline machine setting for enhanced efficiency.

Rubber belts are used to hold the bottle/container and stop it twisting, whilst a second set of belts tighten the cap. Once the correct torque has been achieved the cap tightening belts disengage.

Trigger sprays and pump sprays can be aligned with the bottle with the use of simple guidance system. Alternatively, automatic cap feeding and placing systems, along with missing cap detection and reject systems, can be seamlessly integrated.

As an invaluable addition to an inline filling system, the Universal Belt Capper automatic capping machine serves as the cornerstone of a fully automated filling and capping line, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability.

Cap size range for the Universal Belt Capper


Up to 60 bottles per minute

Cap size range for the Universal Belt Capper

Cap Size

20-120mm Diameter

Bottle size range for the Universal Belt Capper

Bottle Size

20-120mm Diameter x Up to 50-300mm Height

Maximum cap tightening torque on the Universal Belt Capper


Up to 10Nm

Universal Belt Capper Features


In line format eliminates need for bottles to stop & start


Suitable for almost any pre-threaded screw cap


Able to handle trigger sprays and hand pump type caps


Tool free changeovers


Capping belts achieve greater torque consistency than similar spindle capping machines


Caps can be hand placed or optional Hopper Elevators and Vibratory Bowl Feeders can be supplied to provide fully automated systems.

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“Universal are our number one choice when we require a new filling machine …”

– Dale Eames, Production Manager, Vitax Limited

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