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Posivac Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
Posivac Automatic Liquid Filling Machine


Automatic Vacuum Level Liquid Filling Machine

This easy-to-operate automatic vacuum level filling machine is ideal for filling rigid containers such as glass bottles with a huge range of liquids, all to a set height for that consistent ‘on-shelf’ appearance.

Posivac is easy to set up, use and clean, making product and bottle
changeovers very quick indeed. The Posivac automatic vacuum level liquid filling machine can be supplied with between 2 and 12 heads and upgraded in the future to grow with your growing production requirements.

Typical products that can be filled on the system include perfumes and fragrances, wines and spirits as well as many pharmaceutical, chemical and personal care products.

Depending on the type of container and product being filled, production speeds of up to 80 bottles per minute can be achieved.

Number of filling heads available with the Posivac

Filling Heads

2 to 12

Standard range of liquid filling volumes for the Posivac

Fill Volumes

Up to 1,000ml

Maximum number of bottles per minute from the Posivac


Up to 80 bottles per minute

Level of accuracy of the Posivac


Up to +/-0.5%

Posivac Features


Highly productive liquid filling system


Easy set-up for rapid changeovers


In-line format eliminates need for expensive change parts


Food and pharmaceutical quality contact parts


Automatic no container/no fill system for zero spillages


Digitised settings control for rapid and accurate changeovers


Simple and inexpensive upgrading for future flexibility


Fully adjustable dive unit for neck entry


Comprehensive control system with integrated panel


Fills free flowing liquids into rigid containers to predetermined level


Ergonomically designed for easy access for rapid changeovers and cleaning


Fully adjustable dive unit for neck entry or bottom-up filling


Suitable for handling a wide range of container shapes and sizes


Simple to use and maintain

What Our Customers Say

“Universal was recommended to us and the recommendation was spot on. One machine is now 22 years old and still works perfectly. Fantastic quality and very good value for money and will be ordering again for soon.”

Rachel Howe, TJ Innovations

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