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Vacufill Liquid Filling Machine
Vacufill Liquid Filling Machine


Semi-Automatic Vacuum Level Liquid Filling Machine

Semi-automatic vacuum-level filling liquid machines like the Vacufill are by far the easiest and most cost-effective solution for filling free flowing liquids such as wines, spirits, perfumes, fragrances or oils into rigid bottles.

The Vacufill is ideal for filling a wide range of free-flowing liquids (perfumes, wines, spirits, oils and solvents) into rigid containers (glass, tin, ceramics and rigid plastics).

Vacufill fills to a set height from the neck of the bottle down regardless of volume of the bottle, making it particularly well suited to filling into glass, where tolerances and variation can be large.

A Compact But Highly Capable Liquid Filling Machine

Smaller and more affordable than its larger sibling Easifill, Vacufill semi-automatic vacuum level liquid filling machine offers fantastic performance in a compact package. The chassis uses a polished stainless-steel cabinet as a sturdy base with the high-quality pharmaceutical finish expected by Universal’s clients.

Number of filling heads available with the Vacufill

Filling Heads

1 or 2

Standard range of liquid filling volumes for the Vacufill

Fill Volumes

Up to 500ml (typical)

Maximum number of bottles per minute from the Vacufill


Up to 40 bottles per minute

Level of accuracy of the Vacufill


Up to +/-0.5mm

Vacufill Features


Low maintenance – no moving parts on vacuum inducer model


No container – no fill, for zero spillages


Drip-free filling


0 – 500ml typical fill range


Fills free-flowing liquids to a repeatable fill level for visual presentation


Available with either 1 or 2 filling heads


Filling speeds of  up to 40bpm


Level accuracy of +/- 0.5mm can be achieved


Food and pharmaceutical quality stainless steel


Stainless steel feed pipes with non-return valves for drawing liquid from floor level supply vessel

Vacufill Options & Extras


Wide range of hose & seal materials to suit almost any liquid


Wander Nozzle attachment available

What Our Customers Say

“… We love our Vacufill, it has made our lives so much easier …”

Tracy Eden, Creative Director,
Manager Spray HQ, Angelic Celestial Colours Ltd.

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