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Posimatic EV2500

Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine

Posimatic EV2500

Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine

Fully-Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

The Posimatic EV2500 liquid filling system is one of the most versatile liquid filling systems available. 

Its single Bottle Handling Module can be combined with any of Universal’s liquid filling systems (volumetric or vacuum) to provide a very cost effective automatic liquid filling solution.

The machine has been designed to be simple to set up and operate. As a result, it requires no specialist technical skills.

Available with 2 or 4 filling heads per chassis, the system allows up to two chassis to be connected at the same time to allow 6 or 8 head filling with output speeds up to 60 bottles per minute.

A wide range of containers can be handled without the need for change parts.


Key Benefits

  • In-line format eliminates need for expensive change parts
  • Ergonomically designed for easy access for rapid changeovers and cleaning
  • Tool-free speed and fill adjustment
  • Fully adjustable dive unit for neck entry or bottom-up filling
  • No container/no fill system
  • Suitable for handling a wide range of container shapes and sizes
  • Does not require highly trained operators
  • Simple to use and maintain


  • Fills liquids, semi-liquids and liquids with particulates
  • Available format: 2,4, 6 or 8 heads
  • Dispensing volumes: 100ml – 2,500ml
  • Filling speeds: Up to 60b.p.m.
  • Fill accuracy: Up to+/- 0.5%
  • Food and pharmaceutical quality stainless steel contact parts
  • ATEX certified versions available

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