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Posimatic Voluvac

Automatic Volumetric/Vacuum Level Filling Machine

Posimatic Voluvac

Automatic Volumetric/Vacuum Level Filling Machine

Universal has combined its Volumetric and Vacuum Level filling technology on one machine to enable you to choose the optimum filling system to suit the product and containers you wish to fill.

The unit allows simple switching from one system to another and offers the “multi-product packer” the ultimate in filling flexibility.

Key Benefits

  • Two types of filling on one machine for maximum flexibility
  • Automatic no container/no fill system
  • Rapid changeover from one system to another
  • Fully adjustable dive unit for neck entry
  • Digital ‘run condition’ display for easy monitoring of machine condition/status


  • Fills free flowing liquids, semi-liquids and liquids with particulates into rigid containers to predetermined level
  • Available format: 1 or 12 heads
  • Dispensing volumes: from 5ml upwards
  • Filling speeds: Up to 120 b.p.m.
  • Fill / Level accuracy: +/- 1mm or +/- 0.25%

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