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Semi-Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine


Semi-Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine

Suitable for filling 2.5 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre or larger containers, the P5000 liquid filling machine is specifically designed to minimise the handling of heavy, awkward containers, whilst maximising production outputs on difficult products.

The P5000 is supplied with a pneumatically operated “Rotary Valve” and “Diving Nozzle”, enabling it to handle the widest range of liquids, from free flowing chemicals such as screen wash and detergents through to viscous paints and adhesives. Larger containers can be filled without removing them from the pallet with the addition of a “Wander Nozzle” and “Multi-Dose Counter”, removing the manual handling of heavy containers.

Key Benefits

  • Full mobility for easy re-location
  • Neck entry / Bottom-up filling options
  • Pneumatic operation suitable for hazardous areas (ATEX) or wash-down facilities
  • Two speed fill & Auto-flushing/Auto run controls
  • Pneumatic closing “Non-drip” nozzle(s) as standard
  • Remote filling option


  • Fills liquids, semi-liquids and liquids with particulates
  • Available format: 1 & 2 heads
  • Dispensing volumes: 250ml – 5 litres (+ multiples of up to 9,999 cycles)
  • Fill/Cap speeds: Up to 15 b.p.m.
  • Fill accuracy: +/- 0.25%
  • Food and pharmaceutical quality stainless steel contact parts

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