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Case Study – Excellencre

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A home business manufacturing Soda Stream Syrups

Location: Casablanca, Morocco

The Challenge:

The client, based in Morocco, placed an enquiry with Universal via our website. We contacted the client to gain a better understanding of their application and requirements. They were in the process of starting a home business manufacturing Soda Stream Syrups and were looking for an economical solution for the filling of the syrups into PET bottles.

Products to fill:

  • Soda Stream Syrup

The Solution:

Universal recommended the Handifill Manual Volumetric Filling Machine.  We designed nozzles to suit the client’s 330ml and 500ml PET bottles and a food quality stainless steel hopper to feed the filling machine.  The solution was presented to the client for low volume filling without the need for compressed air or an electrical supply.

Other alternatives:

The Posifill EF semi-automatic volumetric filling machine would also have been suitable if the client had a compressed air supply.  This would have offered faster and less repetitive filling.

I was delighted with the quick response to my enquiry and the filling machine Universal proposed sounded ideal for my requirements. The Handifill manual volumetric filling machine is small and compact, yet highly engineered to an unrivalled quality. The machine is now set up in our kitchen and proving to be an invaluable piece of equipment.