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Fragrant Finds Upscale To 6 Posifill EF Machines

Fragrant Finds Logo

Fragrant Finds is a family-run business with their base in the heart of the South Hams, Kingsbridge, Devon.

They design and make a range of scented gifts and soaps. These include fragrance oils, room sprays, pump soaps and bath and shower gel. 

Fragrant Finds also offer contract filling services and can accommodate high and low volumes. 

Location: Devon, United Kingdom

The Challenge:

Fragrant Finds initially contacted Universal in 2005.

They were looking for a machine to fill a wide range of cosmetic liquids into 100ml to 1000ml bottles.

They needed a flexible machine; able to handle a wide range of viscosities along with the ability to draw the liquids from floor-based supply containers.

Products to fill:

  • Fragrance Oils
  • Room Sprays
  • Shower Gels

The Solution:

In 2005, they took delivery of a POSIFILL EF semi-automatic volumetric filling machine.

POSIFILL EF‘s ability to fill a wide range of cosmetic liquids into 100ml to 1000ml bottles in a single cycle was a major factor in their decision.

In recent years Fragrant Finds’ production has increased significantly. As a result, they ordered two more identical machines in 2019! In 2021, Fragrant Finds took delivery of three more machines to help cope with increased production demands!

Now, with a total of six filling machines (and counting!), Universal Filling Machine Company have a strong relationship with Fragrant Finds!

“The POSIFILL EF machines supplied by Universal Filling are superb for our manufacturing needs here at Fragrant Finds.

They are very reliable and require little maintenance, even when they are all continuously running from 8-4pm Monday to Friday. The machines are very robust, but should a new part be required, they are sent out immediately, and I am able to do all the fitting myself.

I try wherever possible to buy products and machinery made in the UK, and I’ve been very satisfied with the service I get from Universal Filling. Hopefully we will require even more machines in the coming years!”

– Andre Doré, Fragrant Finds LLP

Fragrant Finds Product Image
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