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Automatic Capping Machine

As part of a production line, this automatic capping machine is capable of operating at up to 30 bottles per minute, which would normally require at least two operators to place and tighten by hand.

Simple cap head height adjustment and quick change jaws facilitate quick product changeovers, reducing downtime to a minimum. The Posicap is an ideal addition to an inline filling system and can be used as part of a fully automatic filling and capping line.

The Posicap automatic capping machine operates at a lower speed than the In-Line Universal Belt Capper but can be supplied with different capping heads depending on the application:

  • Automatic Screw Capping
  • Automatic ROPP Capping
  • Automatic Cap Crimping
  • Automatic Press-on and T-Corking

The Posicap can also be supplied with automatic cap feeding and placing systems as well as missing cap and reject systems if required.

posifill-ef-semi automatic filling machine
posifill-ef-semi automatic filling machine
posifill-ef-semi automatic filling machine
ROPP Capper

ROPP Capper

Semi-Automatic Roll-On-Pilfer-Proof Capping Machine

Robust bench mounted capping machine for applying ROPP (roll-on-pilfer-proof) caps to bottles.

A wide range of bottle and cap sizes can be handled as the unit is supplied with a fully adjustable bottle platform and interchangeable capping heads are available. Two button start for safe operation.

Stainless steel forming wheels in the rotating capping head follow the thread on the bottle, creating a thread on the aluminium cap and tucking under the tamper evident ring.

Capping heads are available to suit a wide range of cap sizes and are usually made specific to each size of cap. Capping heads are interchangeable allowing you to run different sizes of cap with the same machine.

Available in both electric and pneumatic versions, the ROPP Capper is suitable for a wide range of cap and bottle sizes from, 18mm diameter up to 38mm diameter.

Typical bottle sizes of 50ml to 1000ml are handled as standard and bottles as small as 10ml can be handled by using pucks to hold the bottle during capping.

Capping heads are made entirely from stainless steel and are available with two, three or four independent rollers equipped with the No-Cap No-Roll safety device for closing aluminium caps and special closure types.

Maximum capping speed of the Posicap ROPP


10 – 15 bottles per minute

Cap size range for the Posicap ROPP

Cap Size


Maximum cap tightening torque on the Swanmatic Screw Capper

Bottle Size

10ml to 1 litre (typical)

ROPP Capper Features


Rugged construction


Wide range of capping head sizes


Intechangeable capping heads


Stainless steel forming wheels


No-Cap-No-Roll safety function


Suitable for caps between 18-38mm diameter

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