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Swan-Matic Semi-Automatic Screw Capping Machine
Swan-Matic Semi-Automatic Screw Capping Machine


Semi-Automatic Screw Capping Machine

The Swan-Matic bench-top capping machine is ideally suited to low volume, off-line screw cap tightening.

The machine operates continuously, with the shaft rotating and oscillating up and down, creating the helical tightening motion.

Speeds, subject to cap type and operator dexterity, are typically between 20-30 caps per minute.

The Swan-Matic is available in both pneumatic and electrically powered variants.

Optional extras include a trigger spray tightening head, an extended column for large containers and a spindle reversing feature to facilitate de-capping.

    Maximum capping speed of the Swan-Matic Semi-Automatic Screw Capping Machine


    Up to 30 bottles per minute

    Cap size range for the Swan-Matic Semi-Automatic Screw Capping Machine

    Cap Size


    Maximum cap tightening torque on the Swan-Matic Screw Capper


    Up to 8Nm

    Swan-Matic Features


    Provides consistent torque; preventing ‘leakers’


    Quick changeover for different cap sizes


    Explosion-proof option


    Electrical or pneumatic drive motors


    Reverse switch option available

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