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Semi-Automatic Capping/Closing Machines

Pneumatic capping, closing & crimping machines are ideal for small to medium scale production and are suitable for use with flammable alcohol/solvent based liquids such as perfumes and eau de toilette, as well as paints and inks.

ATEX certification can be supplied. These simple versatile machines have a wide range of uses.

Swanmatic Semi-Automatic Capper

Swanmatic Screw Capper

Semi-automatic tightening machine suitable for pre-threaded screw caps

Coven AP01 Product Image

Coven AP01

Pneumatic cap crimping machine – suitable for aluminium caps & glass bottles

Coven AP02 Product Photo

Coven AP02

Pneumatic cap crimping Machine – suitable for aluminium caps & glass bottles

ROPP Capper Machine

ROPP Capper

Bench-mounted capping machine – suitable for aluminium roll-on pilfer-proof caps

Coven TPM1 Hand-held pneumatic cap crimper

Coven TPM1

Hand-held pneumatic crimping tool – suitable for aluminium caps & glass bottles

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