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Semi-Automatic Capping/Closing Machines

Pneumatic crimping machines are ideal for small to medium scale production and are suitable for use with flammable alcohol/solvent based liquids such as perfumes and eau de toilette, as well as paints and inks. ATEX certification can be supplied. These simple versatile machines have a wide range of uses.

Swanmatic Screw Capping

Semi-automatic cap tightening machine suitable for pre threaded caps


Bench mounted ROPP capping machine

Coven AP01

Pneumatic crimping machine

Coven AP93P

Coven AP02

Pneumatic crimping machine

Coven TPM1

Hand held pneumatic crimping tool

Key Features

  • Simple and very versatile
  • Powered by compressed air
  • Will fit a large range of caps and tops


  • Small to medium scale production
  • Can be used for flammable alcohol, perfumes, eau de toilette, paints and inks
  • ATEX Certification can be supplied


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