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Case Study – DDD Limited

DDD Logo

A family company that has been making health and beauty products for over 100 years.

Location: Watford, United Kingdom

The Challenge:

DDD was looking for a new filling line that would mainly run on creams, body butters and similar viscous liquids that would be filled into tubs and jars. Minimising downtime during changeovers was a key requirement, as was the versatility to handle a wide range of container sizes. The requirement was for output speeds of at least 60 units per minute, whilst decorative containers and lids needed to be handled without marking.

Products to fill:

  • Shampoos
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Toners

The Solution:

For liquid filling Universal’s Posimatic EV1000 six head fully automatic filling machine was selected, based on the performance of a previous installation. Universal designed a range of pucks that would suit the unique properties of the containers, minimising changeover times as this eliminated the need to make any adjustments on the line to handle the wide range of products. The Beltorque capping machine was selected as it too could be changed over in a matter of minutes from one format to another.

Universal also installed a laser sensor and reject system to detect and reject incorrectly applied caps, as well as a de-pucking system and puck return conveyor.

This was the second Posimatic EV machine supplied to DDD so the filling part had been tried and tested albeit on different products. The flexibility of Beltorque capping machine allows DDD to tighten caps without having to purchase expensive change parts and can be changed in minutes from one size to another.

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