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Case Study – DikeGeo Motors Ltd

Dike Geo Logo
Automotive products for the African market

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

The Challenge:

Dike Geo Motors are located on the outskirts of Lagos in Nigeria. The company packs a range of Automotive products, which it sells in the African Market.

Some of the products such as brake fluid are corrosive and require specialist materials that can cope with the harsh environment.

Reliability – machines need to be reliable, as parts are not readily available in the local market place for repairs.

Simplicity – machines need to be easy to operate and maintain, as the workforce is resourceful but does not have the specialist knowledge and skills to operate specialist machinery.

Products to fill:

  • Lube Oil
  • Brake Fluid
  • Engine Coolant

The Solution:

Dike Geo Motors have purchased the following machines from Universal in recent years:

  • Posimatic EV1000 – four head fully automatic filling machine filling brake fluid – two machines
  • Posimatic EV1000 – six head fully automatic filling machine filling brake fluid
  • Posimatic EV5000 – six head fully automatic filling machine filling Lube Oil
  • Posifill V Twin – two head semi-automatic machine filling brake fluid
  • P5000 Twin – two head semi-automatic machine filling engine coolant
  • In Line Cap Press – automatic cap pressing machine – three machines
  • Posipress – automatic in line cap pressing machine
  • Beltorque BT-ST – automatic cap tightening machine for screw on caps
  • Premier 150 – two head automatic labelling machine for Lube Oil bottles
Our relationship with Universal Filling Machine Company is built on trust. We know that when we order a machine from them it will arrive at our factory on time and will work straight out of the box. Our staff are familiar with their range of machines so we can maintain them ourselves locally. The machines are simple and rugged which is ideal for our environment which can be harsh.