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Case Study – Furniture Clinic

Furniture Clinic Logo

Leather Care and Repair Specialists

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

The Challenge:

Furniture Clinic is an existing Universal client, having purchased a Posifill V Twin two head semi-automatic filling machine and Beltorque cap tightening machine in 2014. To keep up with increases in demand they now wanted to increase the throughput on the filling and capping line, without increasing the number of people employed to carry out the process.

Products to fill:

  • Leather Cleaners
  • Protectors
  • Dyes
  • Conditioners

The Solution:

Universal was able to  use the client’s existing Posifill V Twin machine and increase the number of filling heads from 2 to 4 – at the same time combining this with Universal’s Posimatic EV1000 automatic bottle handling unit, resulting in a doubling of output from the filling machine. This meant that a single operator hand placing caps could no longer keep up with the filling machine, so Universal installed a Vibratory Bowl Feeder and cap placement mechanism to automate this part of the process.

The result:

Outputs increased from 20 to 40 bottles per minute.

33% reduction in labour (line is now operated by only two people).

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