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We currently have the following machines in stock, ready to ship to their new owners.

We always try to keep a small selection of our most popular machines in stock to keep lead times to a minimum.

Bypass our busy production schedule and have your new machinery delivered, installed and working far sooner. Many of these machines can be adjusted and adapted to suit your specific needs. Seals, nozzles, feed pipes etc. can all be tailored for your requirements. 

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Easifill Liquid Filling Ma


Semi-Automatic Vacuum Level Filling Machine
4 Filling Heads, Float Return Feed Tank included.

Vacufill Liquid Filling Machine


Tabletop 2-Head Vacuum Level Filling Machine
Fully pneumatic or with electric vacuum pump.

Posifill V Twin/Four Liquid Filling Machine

Posifill V-Twin

Semi-Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine
2-head with Ball & Spring Valve & Pneumatic Nozzles

Easifill Liquid Filling Ma

Posifill EF with Hopper

Single Head Semi Automatic Filling Machine
Supplied with stainless steel hopper & rotary valve

Rotary Infeed Table

Rotary Infeed Table

90cm diameter
Arranges and feeds empty containers as part of
an automated line

Rotary Collection Table

Rotary Outfeed Table

90cm diameter
Gathers completed container from an automated line for easy collection