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Manually operated bench-top volumetric filling machine
Ideally suited to small-scale production lines and requiring no power source, Handifill manual filling machines are a great way to improve the accuracy and output consistency for shorter production runs or in laboratory environments.
Handifill is constructed from the same highest-quality materials as our Posifill range; including certified 316 stainless steel contact parts and can be used in the manufacture of food and pharmaceutical products. Suitable for a wide range of liquid viscosities from alcohols and water through to liquid soaps, light creams and gels; Handifill is available in two variants:
Stainless Steel Hopper – for liquids of too high a viscosity to be drawn through a feed pipe, simply swap over to a directly mounted conical hopper using tool-free
tri-clamp fittings. Pour or pump the liquid into the hopper and operate the machine as normal, using the handle.
Stainless Steel Feed Pipe – suitable for drawing free-flowing liquids from a barrel at floor level adjacent to the machine. Handifill creates adequate suction to draw liquid, and a simple non-return valve at the end of the feed pipe prevents liquid draining and keeps the machine primed
with liquid, ready for the next bottle.
Like all machines from Universal Filling Machine Company, Handifill is an investment and should not be compared
to inferior machines bought online at a fraction of the cost.
Anyone comparing such machines with the Handifill will notice a stark contrast in quality, performance,
and reliability. The Handifill is manufactured to provide many years of reliable accurate production
whilst maintaining a high residual value, not simply discarded as waste. We complement the quality
of our machines with a company-wide ethos of outstanding service at every opportunity.
Key Features
• No power supply required
• Simple lever operation
• Faster and more accurate than hand pouring
• Suitable for free flowing liquids, creams and gels
• Food- and pharmaceutical-grade 316 stainless steel contact parts
• Stainless steel feed pipes with non-return valve
• Simple to operate and clean
• Virtually maintenance free
• Tool-free fill volume adjustment
• Rapid product changeovers
•Optimised filling nozzle with fill height adjustment mechanism
• Height-adjustable container support platform
• Heavy duty bench clamp to secure to work surface

Fill Volume Range: 5ml to 600ml
Fill Speed: <10/min Accuracy: +/- 1% No. Fill Heads: 1 Viscosity Range: free-flowing liquids to thicker creams and gels Power Requirements: none - hand operated Dimensions (shipping): 80 x 38 x 72cm Weight (shipping): 38kg Options and Extras • 30ml, 70ml, 250ml or 600ml cylinder sizes • 18 litre 316 stainless steel hopper for filling creams and gels • Range of nozzles to provide clean, fast drip free filling • Wide range of hose and seal materials to suit almost any liquidfilling machine, liquid filling machine, bottle filling machine, manual liquid filling machine, manual bottle filling machine, manual filling machine, filler machine, filling machine for liquid, bottle filler machine, volumetric filling machine, liquid filling, filling machines, manual water bottle filling machine, filling equipment, hand filling machine, hand operated liquid filling machine, manual oil filling machine, liquid filling machine manual, liquid filler machine, small liquid filling machine, hand operated manual bottle filling machine, cream filling machine, manual bottle packing machine, liquid filler, volumetric liquid filling machine, filling machine liquid, hand filing machine, volumetric filling, manual cream filling machine, bottle filling system, volumetric machine, filling machine manual, manual machines, volumetric filler, bottle filling machines, manual bottling machine, lotion filling machine, liquid packing machine, manual perfume filling machine, Universal Filling Machine Company, UK Filling Machines, UK Manufacturing, liquid filling machines, toiletries and cosmetics, bottle liquid filling machine, liquid bottle filling machine, manual bottle filler, filling bottle machine, manual filling machine for liquid, manual juice filling machine, volumetric filler machine, manual machines images, manual filling, liquid filling equipment, filling liquid machine, filling hopper, liquid pouring machine, fill machine, bottles filling machine, ufmc, syrup filling machine, small filling machine, small bottle filling machine, bottle filling line, manual syrup filling machine, oil filling machine manual, volumetric packing machine, liquid filling system, manual jar filling machine, manual piston filler, hand filling, filling method, bottle filling machine manual, types of filling machines, liquid filling machine manufacturer, filling liquid, universal filling machine, filling machine hopper, liquid filling machine small, cylinder filling machine, hopper filling machine, piston filling machine, liquid filling machine manual hand operated, single head liquid filling machine, single head filling machine, pharmaceutical liquid filling machine, industrial filling machine, manual bottle filling machine price, bottle packing machine manual, mini liquid filling machine, 30ml bottle filling machine, filling machines and equipment, liquid dispensing machine, liquid filling machine price, hopper machine, liquid filling systems, filling equipment company, manual lotion filling machine, filling mechanism, what is a filling machine, liquid filling machine bottle filling, bottle filling equipment, volumetric liquid dispenser, universal filling machine company, manual volumetric filling machine, manual filling system, liquid filling machine uk, portable liquid filling machine, types of filling machine, fluid filling machine, machine for filling bottles, bottle filling pump, filler machines, hand operated filling machine, 15ml bottle filling machine, liquid packaging equipment, manual filler, viscous liquid filling machine, syrup filling machine price, liquid packing machine price, table top liquid filling machine, chemical filling machine, glass bottle filling machine, liquid hopper, cosmetic filling machine, liquid filling machinery, liquid filling methods, volumetric bottle filling machine, hand bottling machine, liquid bottling machine, liquid fill machine, filling machine bottle, solvent filling machine, liquid filling machine for sale, manual water filling machine, hand fill, liquid filling bottle, hot liquid filling machine, liquid fill, manual bottle filling machine uk, manual shampoo filling machine, manual liquid filler, manual bottling, 15ml bottle filling machine factories, filling machinery, manual gel filling machine, juice bottle filling machine, table top bottle filling machine, cream filling machine manual, machine filling bottle, cream filler machine, gel filling machine, universal filling, manual filling machines, chemical liquid filling machine, fill liquid, bottle filling machine small, single bottle filling machine, filler equipment, small volume liquid filling equipment, how to fill small bottles with liquid,