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Manually Operated Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine


Manually Operated Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

The Handifill is a compact table top liquid filling machine, designed for small scale production requirements, laboratories or environments where no power is available.

Built to the highest standards, using food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, hoses and seals, Handifill is designed to provide many years of reliable, accurate production, and is ideal for a wide range of filling applications.

Handifill is a ruggedly constructed manual liquid filling machine for bench top operation by a single operator; manually placing a container under the filling nozzle, pulling the operating lever by hand to dispense liquid and pushing away to recharge the machine with liquid.

Options & Extras

  • 30ml, 70ml, 250ml or 600ml cylinder sizes
  • 316 stainless steel hopper for filling creams and gels
  • Range of nozzles to provide clean, fast drip free filling
  • Wide range of hose & seal materials to suit almost any liquid

Key Benefits

  • No power supply required
  • Simple lever operation
  • Faster & more accurate than hand pouring
  • Free flowing liquids, creams & gels
  • Simple to operate and clean
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Tool free speed & fill adjustment
  • Rapid product changeovers


  • 316 stainless steel metal contact parts
  • Stainless steel feed pipes with non-return valve
    suitable for drawing liquid from a tank at floor level
  • Filling nozzles designed for optimum performance
  • Height adjustable container support platform
  • Manual volume adjustment via hand knob
  • Heavy duty bench clamp to secure to work surface

Like all machines from Universal Filling Machine Company, Handifill is an investment and should not be compared to inferior machines bought online at a fraction of the cost which often yield disappointing results.

Comparing such machines with Handifill will notice a stark contrast in quality, performance, and reliability. We complement this with a company-wide ethos of outstanding service at every opportunity.

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