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Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid Filling Machines

We are a UK based manufacturer of liquid filling machines designed to suit all kinds of liquids, bottle sizes and production scales.

From small-scale enterprise through to large multinational companies, our liquid filling machines are used for a wide range of purposes by a wide range of organisations.

From small-scale to full production

Universal Filling Machine Company’s liquid filling machines range from simple single-head manually operated filling machines through to fully automated multi-head filling systems, with either vacuum level filling or volumetric piston filling technologies.

If you would like advice in finding the right liquid filling machine, please contact us to discuss your needs; our engineering team is on hand to discuss modifications or bespoke machine design solutions.

Quality and service

Our customers range from start-up enterprises to exclusive, world-famous brands. We pride ourselves in manufacturing the highest quality products and supporting our customers with outstanding service. And, having built a worldwide client base after more than 45 years in business, we are proud that nearly 70% of our orders today are repeat business with existing customers, who rely on Universal Filling Machine Company to provide them with first class support and help them grow their businesses.

Explore our range of Liquid Filling Machines:


Handifill Liquid Filling Machine



Posimatic EV1000 Photo

Manual Filling Machines

Handifill Liquid Filling Machine


(pictured with pipe feed for drawing liquid from floor level)

Handifill Liquid Filling Machine with Hopper


(pictured with 10-litre stainless steel hopper for filling creams and lotions)

Key Features

Handifill Manual filling machines are hand operated and require no power source which makes them ideal for use in environments where compressed air or electricity are not available.

They provide the ideal solution for small scale production or laboratory use and offer increased output speeds and greater accuracy than pouring by hand. 

Suitable for free-flowing liquids and medium viscosity creams and gels ranging from 5ml - 600ml. Output speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute can be expected.

Variants with either a top-mounted hopper, or a pipe feed to draw from a separate, floor-level container are available.


Semi-Automatic Filling Machines

Single head volumetric filling machine (5ml - 1,300ml)

Posifill EF

Single head volumetric filling machine: 5ml - 1300ml

Two or Four Head Volumetric Filling Machine (5ml - 1,300ml)

Posifill V Twin/Four

Two or Four head volumetric filling machine: 5ml - 1300ml


Bench mounted vacuum level filling machine available with 1 or 2 filling heads

Posifill EF 2500

Single head volumetric filling machine: 250ml - 2500ml

One or Two Head Bleach & Acid Filling Machine (500ml - 25 Litres)

PB 5000

Single or Twin head volumetric filling machine (500ml - 25 Litres) glass & pvc option available for bleach & acids


Portable vacuum level filling machine available with 1 - 6 filling heads

Posifill DP

Single head depositor for filling viscous liquids and liquids containing particles

One or Two Head Volumetric Piston Filling Machine 250ml - 25 Litre

P 5000

Single or Twin head volumetric filling machine: 250ml - 25 Litres

Automatic Machines


Automatic vacuum level filling system with between 2 to 12 filling heads. Fill range 2ml - 1000ml

Posimatic EV1000

Pneumatically powered volumetric filling system 2,4,6,8 or 12 filling heads (5ml - 1,300ml)

Posimatic Voluvac

Combining both volumetric and vacuum filling into a single machine.

Posimatic EV5000

250ml - 10 litre - Automatic volumetric filling machine 2,4,6 or 8 filling heads

Key Features

  • In-line format is flexible and versatile
  • No change parts required
  • Available with 2,4,6,8,12 filling heads
  • Up to 120 bottles/min throughput
  • Scaleable (additional filling heads can be added at any time)


  • Medium to large scale production
  • Solutions from 5ml to 10 litres
  • Viscosity range from 1 - 70,000 centipoise
  • Solutions for food products containing solid particles

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