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Case Study – Angelic Celestial Colours

Angelic Celestial Colours

Angelic Celestial Colours Ltd.’s story began in 2013 when founder, Amanda Ellis, first started creating aura sprays with essential oils.

They combined her 15 years’ experience as a Colour Therapist, Transformational Teacher, Channeller and Healer.

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Websites: https://angeliccelestialcolours.co.uk and https://www.amandaellis.co.uk/

The Challenge:

Initially, small production runs of 50ml bottles were being filled by hand, using a jug but it was soon evident that a more efficient and productive filling method was required.

By 2021, the range had grown to over 50 products, and, after purchasing a couple of machines online but being disappointed with their accuracy, Angelic Celestial Colours contacted Universal Machine Company to see if a better solution could be found.

Products to fill:

  • Aura Sprays in to 50ml bottles
  • More than 50 product variants

The Solution:

Angelic Celestial Colours’ Creative Director, Tracy Eden, had already identified our Vacufill vacuum level filling machine as a potential solution before contacting us.

The Vacufill can be specified as either pneumatically powered from a compressed air supply, or powered via an electric vacuum-inducing pump and is available with 1 or 2 filling heads.

After reviewing product samples, we were confident the Vacufill was the right machine for the job and our Design team were able to create a set of nozzles which were optimised to suit the bottles and the products being filled.

Vacufill semi automatic filler machine

“Looking for a better solution for filling our bottles I eventually found Universal Filling Machines.  They were very helpful from the outset and patiently answered all my questions.  After we saw it in action at the NEC last year we loved it and immediately placed our order.

We had to send in some samples of our sprays to see if the nozzles needed any adjustments.  Our sprays can foam up a bit in the bottle, especially at speed but the design team did test runs and adjusted things until they were perfect for us. If ever we have any problems the guys are always on the end of the to help.

We love our Vacufill, it has made our lives so much easier; it is so simple to use, you literally just turn it on and put your bottle under the nozzle.  It was a considered purchase for us as a small company but we are so glad we took the plunge.”

Tracy Eden

Creative Director, Manager Spray HQ, Angelic Celestial Sprays Ltd.